every time I see a dansup post he's shitting on something pleroma, what's up with that?

imagine being an audiophile, newsflash: no one likes audio

not for the faint of heart 

that U wasn't me, btw. or was it?

love is in the air <3

naysayers will call it a scam, what do they know?

after 120 years of using computers I finally learned what hybrid sleep is

remember that time I hosted an instance for the first time and asked on the discord "i opened these ports, is that ok, should I open more or less ones?

and someone said "ACTUALLY you are not opening ports but allowing them in your firewall"

(the best part is that I was opening the ports in my modem)

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I wish I could speak a melody in much the same way a melody can speak to me.

* Overheard at KubeCon: "dat ass just blew my mind".

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if the purge was real i would spend the whole 24 hours seeking healthcare i can't afford under capitalism

why do I typo and misspell so much? I learned English before middle school

I have -100% knowledge of how invidious works

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