I can't tell the difference between base, bass, Bayes and baes.
I forget it faster each time.

@u All your base is thumpin with some bass, based on Bayes probability on if cute baes really like base.

@djsumdog it makes sense when read but if I heard it I'd be like Baye, you trippin

@u Honestly I'm kinda shocked I knew all those without having to look any of them up. ... considering how bad I did on my last GRE 😅

@djsumdog you know more than you think! believing in yourself is your magic :think_magical: :stonks_up:

@u Pronounciation is pretty much the same for all three. You have to figure out which word it is from context.

@u At least 'yes' and 'if' are two different words in our language! :smugcat:

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