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stare into the void's ass and it will stare back at you

I think I could learn to love even the ugliest of dogs (I won't tell which breed I'm thinking, if you guess it I'll say it)

from what "private" datasets would you like your thing to learn and what would you like the algorithm to improve?

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Please help, also boost

Imagine your computer/server/device had federated learning*, what would you like it to do?

*technique that trains an algorithm across multiple decentralized devices holding local data samples, without exchanging their data samples (only your device sees your data)

I'm considering it for my school thing

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I joked about "federated machine learning" when I first read the term. It actually sounds good, the main selling points are privacy and low resource requirements (since each client does a little).
Clients learn from each other but doesn't really share their data :think_mind_blown:

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I've uninstalled all of the major proprietary applications from my Archlinux system finally. I still have a bunch of petty nonfree programs installed, but they're dependencies of dependences of dependencies, which have likely been introduced due to how Arch packages software.

I tested out Parabola on my laptop. It didn't support my wifi card. I tested Trisquel and it supported everything. It's time to decide. Is there any reason I should reconsider? #poll #libre #freesoftware #freesw

not famous or anything, I just find the name intredasting

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not to brag or anything but one of my senseis in the art of software engineering was "Doctor Chain"

nice to have these kind of features built in! sad that no one uses firefox :(
"firefox stopped a social network from something something something"

pour some stonks on my investing portfolio in the name of love

"pour some x on y in the name of love" bot when? I hope never

I just realized the default kernel in grub is called "Arch Linux, with Linux linux"

I was promised a trans flag built in in mastodon 3.1.1 but there's none :(

graveyard is basement for bodies

thinking about getting krunk with the meat clown again

I'm worried that a friend is becoming a gamer :waluigi:

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